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21 Apr


11:40 pm

vipmeup goes USA

vipmeup is now listet on ratemystartup.com

14 Apr


09:09 pm

we increase our degree of popularity

Here is a selection of the latest articles about vipmeup:
»"Fränkische Nachrichten"
Secure yourself a place as long as it is still affordable, because with every new VIP the price increases.

05 Mar


09:57 pm

The most expensive 404 page

While we developed this page we asked ourselves what to do with the 404 page. It sould be something exceeding...
error pages? boring! entertaining 404s? off-the-shelf! vipmeup.net is unique - we will sell it!!! The most expensive 404 page for marketing purposes! This is strange, isn't it? We sell a page which does not even exist - themostexpensive404.com

Of course it is worth 4.040.000 €! Can you afford it?

28 Feb


11:38 pm

The form behind the paybutton

vipmeup is fully automatic. So of course you ask yourself what there ist behind the paybutton and how you can add your data to vipmeup within one hour. Anybody can do that, because the form you have to fill your data in is very easy to use. That was a main part of our concept - to make it as easy as possible. Our first video shows you how to get along with it. Become the next VIP and advertise your company, advertise your product or advertise yourself.

28 Feb


11:05 pm

The first article about vipmeup

Our vip#11 "Nokzeit" wrote a very interesting article about vipmeup. The number of daily visitors increases and the project becomes known. Due to this we were asked for an interview which will be published the next weeks. That's great! More and more people know what vipmeup and the basic idea behind is and the sales appeal grows. At the moment everybody can afford to become the next VIP and get one of the exclusive advertising spaces. We are looking forward to the next articles, interviews and to the success of this platform we're working hard on. You can find the article here: nokzeit

15 Jan


03:05 pm

The story behind vip me up - who's next?

Hi there! I'm René Preisler and I had the idea for this project. Let me tell you the story behind it:

June 2011: On a BBQ area in Heilbronn / Germany I ran across Ben who was a fellow student of mine. We talked about the idea to create an internet platform using a very simple mechanism. I mentioned that someone could pay for a service we provide and the next one will have to pay a higher amount. Ben was excited and wanted to go home immediately to start the brainstorming. Of course we did not, but at that moment the project and even the name vip me up -> "vipmeup" was born. That means "Can you make me famous?", "Can you vip me up please?", "What can I do to become famous?", "Can you make me a VIP?". In our free time we thought a lot about the project and developed it. And now we are proud to be able to present this project to you.

We want to make VIPs! Become the most expensive VIP and take part in this exclusive page. Who's next?