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Single payment: 16 EUR tax-inclusive*

The steps to vip you up:

Step 1

Click on the PayPal button to become famous!

Important: Maybe you will not be able to complete your payment. Why? Because another VIP had been faster.

Step 2

Login to your PayPal account and choose your way of payment.

Step 3

You will be redirected to vipmeup where you can make the final payment step. You have to accept our general terms and conditions.

Step 4

Successfully paid?


You have to enter your personal data within one hour. Otherwise you will go online as an "Anonymous VIP".

Step 5

Additionally an email will be sent to your PayPal mail account. You can use the hyperlink given in the e-mail to open the form.

Step 6

Enter your data into the form. Then upload your picture and edit your thumbnail. Finally, submit the form.


Recommended image size: 815x400 px. Image format: only .jpg/.jpeg

How to enter your data

The current amount is: 16 EUR tax-inclusive*.
Follow the PayPal button to say: "yes, please vip me up!"
This is a single payment.
*Depends on your country. Check our terms and conditions for further informations.